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Portfolio+ Inc. helps financial institutions engage with customers using advanced technology platforms. As a customer-first organization, our customers are our primary constituents. We partner with leading technology companies to serve our customers.

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CANNEX is an automated service used by brokers to interface with financial companies that offer financial products and services. It is also used to get quotes. The Portfolio Plus Term Deposit module has a CANNEX interface to automate the term deposit process for purchases, redemptions, commissions, etc.

The range of (fixed income) products available to brokers on CANNEX covers:

Portfolio+ is involved in the working group for the CANNEX interface and is a representative of the software vendors’ feedback.


Cyberscience’s Cyberquery is embedded into Portfolio Plus Prospector. Cyberquery provides a high-performance reporting platform on which the Portfolio Plus Prospector product is based.

Portfolio Plus Prospector provides flexibility to write custom reports using data within the Portfolio Plus banking software application. It adds significant value to Cyberscience technology in the form of the Portfolio Plus compendium, a repository of metadata information offering easy-to-understand data descriptors and data relationships. Portfolio+ maintains this compendium as new Portfolio Plus functionality is added.

The Portfolio Plus Prospector product is ideal for data mining and business/banking intelligence reporting.


Portfolio+ partners with Everlink Payment Services when a mutual client seeks payment card services.

Certification Process

Every new company that gets connected to a payment card switch goes through a stringent certification process. Portfolio+ and Everlink streamline this process to ensure that all protocols are secure and in working condition.

Everlink’s success in Canada

Everlink processes millions of debit and credit card transactions daily that originate with the automated teller machine (ATM) and point of sale (POS) financial service devices. Everlink provides switching services to 90% of the National Credit Union system, as well as banks, trust and insurance companies, retailers, and independent service organizations of all sizes.


Portfolio+ uses Progress Software’s Open Edge Platform and relational database platform. Its financial model is based on a simple premise. If they can build a technology platform that enables an independent software vendor to be successful, then Progress Software will derive profits from royalties. 

Technically speaking, the Progress relational database is shared memory-based, features record-level locking, works on multiple operating systems, leverages multiple processors, drives application containerization, and scales from one to thousands of users

Progress Software works on most operating systems, including MS-Windows, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Red Hat Linux, and Solaris.


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