FHSA and Regulatory Updates Coming in Portfolio+ Minor Release

Portfolio+ Minor Release Is Coming on June 21!

We’re pleased to announce the next minor release of Portfolio+ will be available to current customers on June 21. Portfolio+ 18.6 is packed with 34 new updates and enhancements that reflect our ongoing commitment to helping financial institutions respond to the industry’s changing regulatory and economic environment.

As part of this release, Portfolio+ is proud to introduce the First Home Savings Account (FHSA), a registered plan product type that provides financial institutions with more tools to help Canadians navigate the housing crisis and save for their first down payment.

In addition, Portfolio+ will also include a collection of regulatory enhancements, including tax slip updates for Locked-in Retirement Savings Plans (LRSPs) and Locked-in Retirement Income Funds (LRIFs), as well as expanded functionality for Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs).

The upcoming products, features, and enhancements are all designed to improve business processes and overall user experience.

Release Notes Are Coming June 14

Customers can log in to Advantage and visit the notifications page to download the release notes for Portfolio+ 18.6 starting June 14. If release notes are completed before their anticipated release date, we will immediately make them available to customers.

Portfolio+ encourages customers to use the latest release notes as a guide to prepare for regression and user acceptance testing.

Your feedback is invaluable as we focus on building banking software solutions for tomorrow. If you have any questions regarding this product release or feedback about new features, please speak with your senior sales account manager.

About Portfolio+ Inc.

Portfolio+ banking systems and technologies connect financial institutions with fintechs and industry partners, offering a trusted platform for revolutionary banking experiences. Its powerful cloud-native core banking system and RESTful API offer a flexible foundation for secure open finance integrations and some of the industry’s most innovative Banking-as-a-Service solutions. Designed in Canada, Portfolio+ solutions are thoughtfully developed to support the evolving ecosystem of financial services technology and putting consumers in control of their financial data.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Portfolio+ is used by 5 of the 7* largest financial institutions in Canada, as well as Forbes’ best banks.

Portfolio+ Inc. is a part of Volaris Group Inc.

For more information, please visit portfolioplus.com.

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