Train the workforce to enhance the quality of financial services

You need to train your employees on financial software and subsequent upgrades before deployment. You should also encourage knowledge sharing among team members to ensure consistency in the quality of service.

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training services with portfolioplus

We recommend a continuous training schedule for smooth deployment and enterprise-wide adoption, as part of the implementation plan. Our user-friendly interfaces and user manuals enable implementation of Portfolio+ solutions with minimal intervention of IT support. We develop personalized training plans to upgrade the skills of your workforce for smooth implementation / feature enhancement. Notably, we recreate the production environment to provide a hands-on experience.

Our digital tools accelerate learning and encourage participants to maximize investment across our range of software products and solution platforms. Our training approach identifies bottlenecks and fosters a collaborative approach to accomplish tasks. Significantly, a nuanced understanding of technology boosts the quality of financial services delivered by new recruits as well as experienced professionals.

  • Online training manuals
  • Train the trainer methodology
  • Technology for financial experts
  • Finance / banking for technical teams
  • Refresher programs
  • In-built change management
  • Mapped to performance and operational considerations

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