Combine non-financial services with anytime banking

Your enterprise needs to be part of the mobile ecosystem to meet personal and professional financial needs. You need a partner with proven experience in delivering payment solutions across industries to capitalize on business opportunities.

Portfolio+ enables non-financial services companies such as retailers, travel and entertainment enterprises, and telecom service providers to offer anytime, anywhere banking services. Our secure mobile payment solutions provide a superior customer experience by integrating financial services with e-Commerce / m-Commerce platforms. Further, it supports bespoke financing plans based on the creditworthiness and wish list / shopping cart of customers.

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Software for Non-Financial Service Firms
finance and technology professionals

Portfolio+ plug-in virtual payment apps combine decades of domain experience with process automation for accurate accounting and reconciliation of multi-currency transactions. Our robust workflow and transaction management systems ensure currency conversion in near real time while complying with regulations.

Our mobile payment solutions rationalize operational costs by avoiding cash transactions and supporting alternative lending. Moreover, our digital payment infrastructure empowers non-financial services enterprises to accelerate credit approval for equated monthly installment plans and share monthly billing statements with customers.

Why Portfolio+ non-financial services solutions

The cloud-ready suite of Portfolio+ smart payment solutions ensures convenient and reliable money transfer. Our payment gateways support Internet banking, credit cards, pre-paid / post-paid cards, and PIN-based debit cards. SMS notifications for every transaction facilitate record keeping for both consumers as well as merchants.

The versatile architecture of our mobile and web payment solutions supports deployment in legacy enterprise infrastructure. Embedded security features in our financial solutions address risk management and compliance requirements, including anti-money laundering. Notably, our data analytics solutions enable merchants to monitor transactions in real time and also determine transaction and / or spend limits (daily / weekly / monthly) for customers and agents.

Portfolio+ DataCloak software masks sensitive customer and financial data shared with application testing and development teams as well as third parties. Our automated DataCloak solution mitigates data privacy risk at the database level. It masks production data after the daily backup process. DataCloak identifies each dataset and generates a cloaked substitute across formats, including social insurance number, telephone number and alphanumeric address fields.

Our modular and scalable solutions enable non-financial services enterprises to attract and retain customers with personalized offers. Our platforms support multichannel, multilingual marketing campaigns and provide seamless access to promotional resources. Significantly, the wide range of payment methods, smooth transaction processing, and instant checkout deliver a superior experience for customers across industries.


Portfolio+ Solution Footprint for Non-Financial Services Firms

Digital Wallet API interface

Application Programming Interface

  • Digital wallet
  • Client management
  • Marketing campaigns
  • External systems and devices
Funding API with Portfolio+


  • Prequalification
  • Speedy approval
  • Micro-loan products
  • Flexible payment terms
Payment-Support for your financial institution

Payment Support

  • Prepaid cards
  • Merchant coupons
  • Loyalty / reward programs
  • Corporate gift / stored value cards

Portfolio+ Ecosystem for Non-Financial Services Firms

Streamlines money transfer by –

  • Accelerating onboarding and integration
  • Simplifying mobile transactions
  • Facilitating pre-authorized payments

Personalizes the payment experience by allowing customers to –

  • Modify security settings
  • Manage personal information
  • Define communication preferences
Ecosystem for Banking API with Portfolio+

Provides an audit trail with real-time insights into –

  • User access and action
  • Transactions across channels
  • Marketing campaigns and schedules

Grows membership with –

  • Member self-service
  • Ready-to-deploy solutions
  • Standardized digital and branch experience
  • Anywhere, anytime accessibility to cloud-hosted products

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