Be part of a rich open banking partner ecosystem

Your financial services enterprise needs to match the agility of fintech enterprises offering customer-oriented financial services to cultivate customer loyalty and grow wallet share.

Portfolio+ creates an open banking ecosystem and facilitates adoption by banks, payment and card service providers, trust and insurance companies, credit unions, term deposit systems, mortgage companies, and investment banks. We provide APIs for introducing a marketplace of third-party services. Portfolio+ Consumer Directed Banking platform enables our partners to offer data-driven financial services while enhancing internal control measures.

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Portfolio+ functionality for open banking partners

Debt collection

Business intelligence

Loan and mortgage arrears management

Marketing campaign strategy

Credit risk analytics

Payment and card services

Web application management

Data privacy and security

Portfolio+ open banking use cases

  • Multi-account money transfer
  • Spend and cashflow management
  • On-demand foreign exchange services
  • Credit card, loan and overdraft advisory services
  • Automated transfer into savings and investment accounts
  • Comprehensive view of accounts, including credit cards and savings
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Portfolio+ Interface Partners

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member direct
first canadian title
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fnf canada
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Fundserv Inc
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