Operate on the cloud for seamless operations


You need a collaborative partner ecosystem to onboard open banking services. Your enterprise needs to be supported by a highly scalable data structure to offer anytime, anywhere financial services. You also need to leverage high-speed wireless connectivity for seamless banking.

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cloud migration services

Portfolio+ partners with financial institutions, small banks, credit unions, and boutique payment service providers to grow the banking footprint by leveraging the cloud. Our cloud migration strategy addresses data storage and processing power requirements for core banking and support services. Our approach aligns service delivery imperatives with the public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

Our cloud architecture allows financial enterprises to plug emerging functionality into existing solutions using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In addition, it facilitates seamless integration of new delivery channels and user devices. Significantly, our cloud ecosystem supports process automation and cognitive tools for decision making, continuous monitoring, and real-time reporting.

Why Portfolio+ Cloud Migration Services?

Our dedicated team of cloud services experts undertakes workshops to capture functional and non-functional requirements. We adopt use case scenarios to prioritize requirements and define the scope of deployment. Our approach accelerates the cloud journey by streamlining provisioning and configuration of the environment for application development, testing and production. 

Our cloud migration methodology ensures a smooth transition from on-premise infrastructure with geographically dispersed data centers. We leverage automated tools to complete migration on time and within budget. Our enterprise-class cloud ecosystem simplifies operations, and supports Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to boost quality of service.

Portfolio+ cloud strategy addresses risks in financial systems due to legacy programming languages, sub-par technology resources, and network latency. In addition, we de-risk deployment to AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud by addressing monitoring, reporting and regulatory compliance requirements in the cloud migration program.


Portfolio+ Cloud Migration Services Footprint

maximize return on investment

Cloud Services

  • Consulting
  • Architecture Setup
  • Design and Implementation

Virtual Resource Management

  • Build and Deploy
  • Configure and Install
  • Performance Optimization
grows the customer base

Cloud Migration

  • Internal Systems and Processes
  • Core Applications and Databases
  • Finance and Treasury Workloads

Portfolio+ Cloud Migration Ecosystem


Maximizes return on investment by –

  • Reducing data storage costs 
  • Saving capital investment and operating expenses
  • Accelerating time-to-market for new products and services

Grows the customer base through –

  • Mobile and cloud-native apps
  • Consumer-directed financial ecosystems
  • Value-added services in partnership with third parties

Enhances agility to –

  • Become more responsive to customer needs
  • Accelerate service innovation
  • Capitalize on business opportunities
Banking on a Virtual Private Cloud

Banking on a Virtual Private Cloud

Capturing a banking industry that’s in flux as it shifts towards the adoption of cloud technologies and open finance, Banking on a Virtual Private Cloud explores the cloud security technologies and practices that keep mission critical banking systems safe on the cloud.

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