Drive business growth with calibrated alternative lending

Your lending enterprise needs to address diverse challenges: offer financing services to customers with low credit scores, structure loan plans to meet the needs and repayment capacity of customers, and help borrowers build a credit history by encouraging prompt payment. Learn more today.

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Alternative Lending Software
alternative lending enterprise services

Portfolio+ partners with non-banking institutions and alternative lending enterprises to deliver financial products / services to underserved customers. Our digital solutions drive bank disintermediation by connecting borrowers and loan investors in real time. It helps alternative lenders meet the goals of constituents by expanding the footprint to include unsecured consumer loans, payday loans, student loans, automobile and equipment finance, home equity, inventory and supplier payments, short-term working capital for small businesses, and specialty finance solutions.

Our software for alternative / peer-to-peer lending streamlines fund allocation by enabling enterprises to predetermine approval criteria (amount, terms and duration) based on the type of loan, credit risk, region, and lifetime value. Our cloud-based solutions support cost-effective fixed and flexible payment solutions for borrowers across microsegments.

The Portfolio+ solution empowers alternative lenders to serve borrowers as well as prospective home buyers who do not meet the eligibility criteria to finance, refinance or renew mortgage through traditional financial institutions. So, alternative lending will become easy for all small business owners and consumers with us.

Why Portfolio+ alternative lending software?

Our dashboards provide transparency by enabling loan providers to display interest rates, processing fees, terms of loan, and other information that help borrowers make informed decisions. The insights are useful for customers to prioritize cash flow requirements. In addition, our solution helps lenders showcase performance in terms of speed of application processing, volume of transactions and customers, and ethical lending practices.

Portfolio+ alternative lending platform supports diverse funding models. It allows loan providers to collaborate with global banks to underwrite / originate loans. Our solution delivers value to all stakeholders – borrowers obtain swift and flexible funding, institutional investors purchase loan portfolios, and alternative lenders boost loan volumes. Significantly, the ability to spread credit risk over a large customer base helps lenders preserve principal while earning high yields in a short time span.

The Portfolio+ Prospector software addresses data mining and business intelligence requirements of lending enterprises. It generates ad hoc and standardized reports in various output formats including HTML / Adobe PDF files and spreadsheets. Our interactive module facilitates drill-down into customer data to resolve queries and issues.


Portfolio+ Solution Footprint for Alternative Lending Platform

Lending-Options API program

Alternative Lending Options

Application Programming for banking institutions

Application Programming Interfaces

Alternative Lending API


  • Credit assessment
  • Instant prequalification
  • Online application processing
  • Flexible repayment

Portfolio+ – The Ecosystem Behind Our Alternative Lending Platform

Alternative Lending API

Enhances the borrowing experience by –

  • Distilling the expertise of funding specialists and technologists
  • Enabling superior customer service
  • Eliminating paperwork

Improves credit scores by enabling borrowers to –

  • Track debt and manage fund requirements
  • Access more affordable lending products
  • Select convenient payment schedules

Boosts productivity by automatically –

  • Creating the customer profile
  • Determining eligibility for loan products
  • Matching products with the customer profile and financial needs
The Rise of Alternative Lending

The Rise of Alternative Lending & Alternative Lending Platforms

How Changing Technology, Demographics, and Market Forces Are Creating New Opportunities.

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