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Your retail bank needs to attract and retain customers across generations with a bespoke product and service experience. You need to transcend anytime, anywhere banking via Internet banking, phone banking, and automated tellers to serve customers across touchpoints and channels.  Discover the retail bank software that empowers your customers’ experience.

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Portfolio+ retail banking software accelerates adoption of digital tools for omnichannel banking. Our digital solutions deliver a seamless experience across the customer journey – from exploring products / services, executing transactions, and planning investments to managing wealth. Omnichannel banking engages the millennial generation with online services while introducing branch-banking customers to mobile and Internet banking.

Our cloud-agnostic platform simplifies onboarding of new customers, including family accounts. It captures and stores documents for onboarding in digital formats, and facilitates cross- and upselling of financial products. In addition, it enables account holders to pay bills, apply for loans, deposit / withdraw cash, and transfer funds.

Retail banking software for omnichannel approach

Why Portfolio+ functional retail solutions banking software?

Portfolio+ retail banking software eliminates human intervention in mission-critical processes, including documentation and reporting. It automates journal entries and auditing. Our solution automatically posts each banking transaction to the assigned general ledger journal in real time. Automation provides an audit trail through detailed time-stamping of transactions (name, date and time).

Our automated accounting system rationalizes costs while driving superior branch banking and online banking experiences. Customers can better manage personal finance via standing instructions for bill payments, money transfer, and credit card repayments. Moreover, our integrated document and transaction management system streamlines internal and regulatory reporting.

Portfolio+ retail banking solution supports a bouquet of services, including multiple currency bank drafts, money orders, and traveler’s cheques. Our robust architecture and interfaces facilitate integration of third-party systems to expand chequing, savings, lines of credit, online banking, ATM, and point-of-sale services. Significantly, it provides flexibility to deliver personalized services and fee structures. It also supports business promotion through preferred rates for new retail banking accounts.

We implement Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) for all-in-one retail credit accounts. These accounts offer customers the freedom to make payments based on current interest rates and creditworthiness. Moreover, our digital framework ensures standardized service across touchpoints.

Portfolio+ Stored Value Card solution grows the debit and credit card business while addressing the needs of online shoppers and global travelers. Our solution offers ready access to funds for customers in Canada, USA and Europe. We combine rich experience in card payments and retail banking with API-based integration to support a variety of single use and reloadable cards: prepaid, debit, gift, payroll, employee benefits, travel expense, money transfer, specific purpose (coffee, gas or grocery), and loyalty cards.

Our robust infrastructure for card processing and customized card limits minimizes processing times and delivers a seamless point-of-sale / e-payment experience to cardholders. Significantly, advanced security features prevent unauthorized use of cards.

The Portfolio+ Cheque Link module prints cheques, on demand. Encrypted signatures can be applied during automated printing. An e-Token-based reader-less smart card ensures secure access. The ability for users to configure threshold limits for printing enhances security. An unlimited number of bank accounts can be linked to the Portfolio+ module.

Our system records cheque printing activity (offline and digital) for tracking and reporting purposes. In addition, we offer consultancy services for hardware procurement to implement digital cheque printing.


Portfolio+ Retail Banking Solutions Footprint

Types of Retail Banking Accounts

  • Chequing with tiered interest rates and overdraft
  • Savings and business (current) account
  • Lines of credit with flexible interest rates
  • Flat and flexible fee based on account balance and type of transaction / account

Banking Security

  • Transaction limits
  • User / password control and password expiry
  • Record access and menu option selection control
  • Screen lock
  • Supervisor override

Delivery Options

  • Online banking
  • POS banking
  • Virtual banking
  • ATM / bank teller
  • Telephone / IVR banking

Technology Interfaces

  • Secure socket layer
  • Java message service
  • Enterprise service bus
  • Transport Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

Portfolio+ Retail Banking Ecosystem


Supports diverse banking models

  • Teller / branch
  • Virtual and hybrid bank
  • Agent / financial brokers

Improves operational efficiency through

  • Checklists for tracking due dates and deliverables
  • User-defined task and notification management
  • Real-time transaction processing via tellers and online / phone banking
  • Automated batch processing for preauthorized credit and debit to cover an overdraft account, transfer balance, or pay bills; cheque clearing; payroll, interest and fees processing; and cheque reconciliation

Safeguards business integrity with

  • Traceable and auditable transactions
  • In-built error codes and alerts
  • Risk management tools
  • Data protection techniques

Enhances teller functionality by enabling

  • Generation of e-Statements and printing of passbook / statements
  • Stand-alone cash dispensing without drawer interface
  • Creation of drawer interface for treasury, ATM and bank teller
  • Addition / update of cash denominations in multi-currency teller blotter
  • Stop and hold payment instructions for issued / deposited cheques
  • Addition of drawer to blotters and blotter update on transaction completion

Grows revenue by facilitating

  • Customer analytics
  • Personalized marketing messages in receipts and statements
  • Product / service diversification
  • Linking types of transaction and interest rate slabs to account categories

Ensures compliance via

  • Limits on transaction amounts
  • Audit trails for each transaction (system, user, date, time, and description)
  • Customer account search functionality (social insurance / security number, last name, first name, date of birth, business number, telephone number, or client number)
  • Robust internal reporting (trial balance reports such as cash drawer holding report, open and close account report, dormant accounts, authorized overdraft, line of credit delinquency, and line of credit review)
  • Timely statutory reporting (tax processing, daily balance, and insurance reports)
Beyond the Banks

Beyond the Banks

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