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What Is Portfolio+ Podcast?

Portfolio+ Podcast is an online talk show that offers innovative, mission-critical solutions to banks and financial institutions. As leaders of the open banking movement in Canada, we’ve comprised a savvy team of finance and technology professionals ready to transform your financial challenges to ultimate growth.

Personalize your banking experience. Receive the latest insight, financial products and services, and software solutions with our podcast.


The Secure Journey to Open Banking On a Cloud

With security being top of mind, Iain Paterson joins Dianne Cupples to discuss the secure journey to open banking in the cloud.

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Beginning the Secure Journey to Open Banking on a Cloud

In this podcast episode, we discuss how to begin the secure journey to open banking on the cloud. Joined by Don Coulter, President and CEO of Concentra Bank, Dianne Cupples asks Don’s thoughts and predictions on the open banking movement in Canada and how it affects Concentra’s future.

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The Importance of Data Portability for Open Banking

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In this podcast episode, we discuss the open banking movement and the importance of open banking for Canada. More specifically, about data portability and its significance for open banking. This episode features an insightful conversation between Donna Galloway, Vice President of Marketing here at Portfolio+ and Michelle Beyo, Founder and CEO of FINAVATOR. FINAVATOR is an award-winning Fintech and payments consultancy which helps bridge the gaps between fintechs and traditional banks.

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Guarantee Your Success: Maximize your Profits with Term Deposits

In this podcast episode, we discuss what is possible in the term deposit space. This episode features Kim Muise, the Vice President of Business Development at CANNEX. CANNEX Financial Exchanges facilitates the efficient and accurate exchange of pricing and analytics for annuity and bank products between financial institutions in Canada.The main focus of this insightful podcast is to discuss current economic conditions, rising rates, market trends, and product innovation in today’s financial services landscape.

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The Importance of a Partner Ecosystem

We all know the power of partnerships and how important it is to have the right partner ecosystem. Our newest podcast episode features an insightful conversation between Dianne Cupples, CEO of Portfolio+ and Bruce Duthie, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Information Officer at Peoples Group. As a partner of Portfolio+, Peoples Group provides specialty and tailored financial products and services to the Canadian marketplace and has been doing so for over 35 years. Learn about how Peoples Group uses a technology-driven partner ecosystem as a competitive advantage in today’s financial services industry.

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Grow your Business 1500% with a Term Deposit Solution

Portfolio+ recently published a Case Study with Fairstone Bank of Canada and their success in by using our GIC or term deposit solution to raise funds by offering deposits. This solution and the ease with which deposit orders are accepted and confirmed empowered them to grow their product offering. Pat Casullo, a Senior Sales Account Manager at Portfolio+ recently had the opportunity to speak with Graham Casselman from Fairstone Bank. Today’s episode expands on the case study and dives deeper into some of the topics. I’m excited that we were able to capture and share this discussion with you today.

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Meet The Host

Dianne Cupples CEO

Dianne Cupples | Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Pioneering Portfolio+ in all things strategy, vision, and growth, Dianne is Chief Executive Officer with unmatched expertise in banking/financial solutions. Her unwavering strength and longstanding insight stem from her dedication to fostering true value for customers, employees, partners, and beyond. From overseeing day-to-day financial operations to developing and driving long-term strategies—Dianne doesn’t just meet customers’ expectations; she succeeds them.


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