Ensure operational excellence at your credit union

You need to support the local business community by providing ready access to financial services. In addition, you should protect your market share and compete with global banks and microfinance enterprises by providing value-added services.

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Credit Union Software for Seamless Operations
Credit unions software solutions

Portfolio+ offers a bouquet of products that empower credit unions to engage deeply with small and medium businesses via digital and physical channels, while complying with regulations. Our cloud-ready omnichannel software solutions help credit unions streamline international money transfer service, and manage accounts and services cost-effectively.

Our dashboards of software for credit union will provide drill-down visibility for sustainable growth in the competitive financial services market. Significantly, it facilitates timely interventions to ensure that income from interest charged on loans exceeds operational expenditure and dividend payouts.

Why Portfolio+ credit union software?

Portfolio+ provides a range of plug-in modules for core credit union operations – deposits, lending, card management, accounting, and marketing. Our master database streamlines real-time customer/member and transaction data management, including loan and deposit information. Our solution minimizes delinquency across credit products by identifying high-risk members and detecting delinquent credit cards, mortgages and unsecured loan accounts promptly.

Our member-oriented processes and automated workflows boost enterprise productivity and efficiency while reducing administrative overheads. Our digital tools and recommendation engine optimize sales and marketing resource utilization through effective cross-selling and targeted campaigns. Significantly, cost savings can be routed to members as dividends.

Our data-driven approach helps credit unions better understand and address the requirements of diverse members through credit union management software. Moreover, the elimination/reduction of human intervention in credit lifecycle management, savings and deposits processing, new account opening, accounting, auditing, marketing, and reporting ensures data integrity and trustworthiness, which is imperative for business growth.


Portfolio+ Solution Footprint for Credit Unions

credit unions API technical services

Technical Services

  • Data integrity
  • Digital experience
  • Third-party integration
  • ‘Train the trainer’ programs
Credit Union Operations Software


  • Portfolio management
  • Collateral management
  • Project and change management
Credit Union Customer Decision Support

Decision Support

  • Real-time risk management
  • Reporting and compliance
  • Customer analytics

Portfolio+ Credit Unions Ecosystem

Streamlines document management via

  • Customizable templates for correspondence
  • Interfaces to use Microsoft Word templates
  • Ability to share, print, archive, and e-mail files

Rationalizes costs through –

  • Workflow automation
  • In-built accounting and reporting tools
  • Integration with credit reference agencies such as Equifax and TransUnion

Ensures statutory compliance by –

  • Mitigating risks
  • Preventing fraudulent transactions
  • Safeguarding account and transaction data

Grows membership with –

  • Member self-service
  • Ready-to-deploy solutions
  • Standardized digital and branch experience
  • Anywhere, anytime accessibility to cloud-hosted products
Credit Union Ecosystem

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