Meet Canada's Surging demand for Reverse Mortgages

Meet Canada’s Surging Demand for Reverse Mortgages

There’s no place like home! That’s one reason why demand for reverse mortgages in Canada has completely exploded over the past few years, growing into a roughly $7.5 billion market in 2024. With recent estimates showing less than 0.5 percent of 6 million senior households holding a reverse mortgage—and with a report from the National Institute on Ageing that 96 percent of Canadians aged 65 or older will do everything they can to avoid moving into a long-term care home—it’s clear that reverse mortgages are a largely untapped market for lenders. Despite the sharp rise in popularity, the increasing demand for reverse mortgages is showing no signs of slowing down.

Download our case study to learn why house prices, retirement trends, and economic drivers are driving more Canadians to reverse mortgages—and uncover how forward-thinking lenders can meet the demand of this aging demographic.


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