Maximize the reach of your neo bank

You should empower technology-savvy customers with seamless banking on mobile devices. At the same time, you should provide value-added services to prevent customers from migrating to global banks offering advanced digital banking services.

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Neo bank software api
neo bank api

Portfolio+ creates a digital ecosystem to facilitate branchless financial services for neo banks. Our technology products help early-stage and established neo banks address business challenges: attract and retain customers, comply with regulations, and drive sustainable growth.

Our data-driven approach to financial services enables neo banks to transcend lending solutions and offer non-credit products, such as savings and insurance. Our digital frameworks boost customer service by accelerating account opening, facilitating reconciliation of payables and receivables, and automating reminders.

Portfolio+ edge @ Equitable Bank

We helped Equitable Bank enhance the customer experience by automating property tax adjustment processes and communication modules for lending and mortgage products.

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Beyond the Banks

Beyond the Banks

What do the credit unions of the future look like? Addressing the challenges of an aging membership demographic and the need for innovation and technological modernization in the credit union system, this eBook explores the future of credit unions in Canada and the key technologies that could potentially reshape the credit unions of tomorrow.

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Why Portfolio+ neo bank software?

We leverage advanced form factors and functionalities of mobile devices to transform banking. Our mobile apps allow digital-first banks to deepen engagement with consumers, professionals, merchants, and small and medium business enterprises. Our analytical modules understand the mobile banking requirements of niche customers and respond to their needs.

Our robust architecture and plug-and-play applications enable neo banks to match the products and services of global banks while rationalizing capital and operational expenditure. Further, the ability to waive minimum balance or initial deposit requirements for new accounts and encourage cards usage through cashback rewards redefine banking while growing the customer base and transaction volume.

Intuitive online applications

Phones are quickly becoming the front office

  • Integrates products and parameters
  • Calculates payment in 4 clicks
  • Enables seamless interaction
  • Personalizes marketing messages
  • Minimizes error handling
neo banks phone graphic

The wide range of Portfolio+ solutions helps neo banks implement their business strategy, be it a one-stop financial services destination, or mobile apps for specific regions, customer segments (millennials or retirees), or products such as term deposits.

Our experts understand the challenges of financial institutions offering critical services without physical presence. We ensure robust data security and transparency across processes, which enhances credibility. In addition, we ensure compliance with regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Significantly, our marketing tools facilitate co-branding of startups with legacy banks to inspire confidence.


Portfolio+ Solution Footprint for Neo Banks

neo bank solution


neo bank software for CANNEX


  • Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • CANNEX financial network
  • Payment service aggregators
  • FundSERV network
neo bank data mining


  • Data mining
  • Data privacy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Transaction monitoring
neo bank pricing

Pricing Strategies

  • Freemium model
  • Multitiered subscription
  • All-in-one fee gateway
  • Personalized rate structure
Arrows graphic rotation

Portfolio+ Ecosystem for Neo Banks

Accelerates services with application programming interfaces to manage –

  • Day-to-day functions and regulatory requirements
  • Marketing campaigns and product parameters
  • Connectivity with external systems and devices
neo bank programming Ecosystem

Boosts user adoption by –

  • Facilitating m-Banking, m-Payment and m-Commerce
  • Supporting diverse mobile devices and operating systems
  • Ensuring transaction authentication and authorization

Mitigates risks with –

  • Integrated framework for governance and operational risk management
  • Tools for consumers to report security incidents in real time
  • Risk assessment / scoring and analytics

Streamlines client services by –

  • Enabling preauthorized payments and money transfers
  • Automating application processing and onboarding
  • Sharing real-time alerts

Enhances on-the-go banking by enabling –

  • Secure access to accounts and transaction records
  • Export of transactions to personal budgeting apps
  • Prioritization of savings and tracking of income as well as debt to achieve financial goals

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