Navigate operations with niche managed services

You should adopt advanced technology to meet unique and dynamic customer needs, reinforce core competencies, and achieve operational excellence. Moreover, technology adoption should reduce total cost of operations.

Portfolio+ provides comprehensive managed services to augment resources and achieve sustainable growth. Our services span databases, code environments, networking facilities, desktop computers, virtual machines, and messaging infrastructure. We simulate the production environment, which facilitates testing and benchmarking prior to code delivery.

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Navigate Operations graphics
Navigate Operations graphics

Our dedicated team prepares, installs and compiles application code, database schema and utilities, while streamlining license management. Our health check service mitigates business risks by preventing incidents and enabling prompt remedial action whenever required. In addition, we monitor production databases and servers, and provide detailed system evaluation reports with recommendations. Our helpdesk professionals resolve L1, L2, L3, and L4 service requests.

Our Managed Database Administration (MDBA) services optimize performance by eliminating bottlenecks and database issues. We develop six-month database growth management plans based on usage and growth information, disk layout and utilization, system memory utilization, and resource consumption data obtained from monitoring systems. It boosts performance while enabling scalability and catalyzing business growth.

  • Database administration
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Service request and issue resolution
  • Data cleansing, mining and visualization
  • Product / site code management and documentation
  • Product support and bespoke enhancement services
  • Production database recovery testing
  • IT budgeting and resource planning
  • Unified channel of communication for 24×7 support
  • Alignment of business strategy, IT, and managed services
  • Dedicated account representative to facilitate strategic, technology and
  • investment decisions
  • Technology resources pre-mapped to digital banking practices and global
  • regulations for financial services
  • Team of software developers, testing experts, domain specialists, and
  • Business analysts
  • Reporting and quarterly joint management review

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