Our open banking API connects Canada’s fintechs and financial institutions

Expand your offerings with Portfolio+’s open banking API. Create advanced fintech apps, build comprehensive Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platforms, and enable open banking integrations. View our open banking API documentation and get started today!

API Documentation
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Create new financial products, services, and experiences

Using the Portfolio+ open banking API, banks, credit unions, and fintechs have the tools to create powerful new banking experiences that can transform financial services and redefine the future of banking.

The Portfolio+ API can help banks and financial institutions:

  • Deliver seamless integrations that empower fintechs and banks to explore new partnerships and launch entirely new digital banking experiences
  • Connect with an ecosystem of third-party applications and services, opening doors to new markets and opportunities
  • Utilize customer data to streamline, automate, and improve the delivery of financial services

With trusted expertise in API integrations and BaaS solutions, Portfolio+ provides financial institutions with the technology to unlock new revenue streams and create entirely new customer-centric, data-driven banking experiences.

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Access Our Open Banking API Documentation Today

Whether you’re a bank, fintech, or credit union, our API documentation gives developers the tools they need to build new financial products and platforms that connect with core banking systems.

With detailed open banking API reference documentation, we provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary to understand how our API can assist your organization in building new open banking experiences for your clients.

API Documentation

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