Capitalize on proven core banking software

Your financial services enterprise needs to be powered by tried and tested digital technology to launch and accelerate open banking.  Upgrade your business and product today with our core banking software.

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Core Banking Software that integrates into your financial institution

Portfolio+ offers an integrated ecosystem of solutions, enabling partners, and a bouquet of services for open banking. Our core banking platform combines decades of experience in core banking and long-standing partnerships with marquee financial services companies to accelerate time-to-market and maximize value for stakeholders.

Our repository of 300+ digital API messages and 65+ third-party vendor interfaces provide seamless access to a broad spectrum of financial products and services.

Get the Portfolio+ Core Banking Advantage

  • Standardized API messages drive fast and smooth integration with third-party software and services
  • Advanced cybersecurity solutions safeguard data integrity while providing access to third-parties
  • Intuitive user interface enhances payment, lending and banking experiences
  • Digital tools modernize legacy systems for personal financial management
  • Plug-in modules enhance digital banking and mobile apps
  • Agile infrastructure and cloud-ready solutions provide scalability while rationalizing capital and operating expenditure
Core Banking Software offered by Portfolio+

Profit from Portfolio+ core banking software pedigree


POS / ATM / Switches


Web Banking


Open Banking Platform (API)


Loans / Mortgages

Term Deposits



OpenEdge Software Architecture

Core System

Core Banking Software API to modernize your Canadian bank

Core Functionality & API

Risk Management

Data Mining

Digital API

Open Banking Platform

Support System

Operational Support

Data mining and analytics

Transaction monitoring

Real-time reporting

Risk management

Regulatory compliance

Open Banking Resources

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