Portfolio+ Offers Laptops to Students to Support Learning During COVID-19

After recently learning that students at Monsignor Leo Cleary Catholic Elementary School in Courtice, Ontario, were in need of personal computers, Portfolio+ gathered twelve unused laptops and a set of USBs preloaded with new operating systems and donated them to the school’s grade five and six classes.

“Having consistent access to laptops is essential to student learning, and this donation will be providing deep learning experiences for all learners,” wrote Sarah Almeida, a teacher with Monsignor Leo Cleary Catholic Elementary School.

The elementary school teacher who teaches a grade five class reached out to the banking software company personally after Ontario Ministry of Education mandated that teachers follow a blended learning program that includes personal technology. The approach ensures that if schools are forced to close again due to COVID-19, students will experience a smooth transition between in-class and at-home learning.

Along with the laptops., Portfolio+ provided preloaded USBs that would allow the school to outfit the donated laptops with new Ubuntu desktop operating systems, a free open source, downloadable operating system that’s secure and easy to install.

“COVID-19 has affected the Ontario school system and students in so many ways,” said Dianne Cupples, COO of Portfolio+ Inc. “We know students are feeling the ripple effects from this pandemic, and we know how those effects can impact them both mentally and socially. Students should have access to the technology they need in order to succeed. Now is the time to reach out and offer help where you can. If this improves the learning experience for twelve students, our efforts are worth it. We really encourage all companies with unused technology to do the same. This was really the least we could do.”

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